Yoga & Movement room

An oasis above the campsite

At Welgelegen, you have the opportunity to participate in yoga sessions and workouts right on-site. In the heart of our campsite, you’ll find our Yoga & Movement Room. You ascend the stairs at the wooden building and enter the space via the wooden door on the inviting rooftop terrace. A beautiful atmosphere awaits you above the rooftops and tents of the campsite. A sunlit space with natural clay walls and cozy cork flooring. More than enough room for small and large groups to move freely. Lined with an old piano and beautiful plants, yogis and athletes find their place here. Get comfortable with cushions, blankets, and yoga mats. Or join a group workout. Everything is there to feel comfortable, stay fit, and meet new people.

Weekly schedule & rates

Tuesday 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM Flow & Yin
Wednesday 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM Wednesday Workout
Saturday 8.30-9.30 Hatha Yoga
Sunday 8.30-9.30 Morning Movement


Single session – €15,-
10-times-pass – €100,-
*Lessons will be held in english

Yoga ruimte
Hatha Yoga en

Hatha Yoga

The balance between effort and relaxation.

Breath plays a central role and serves as an anchor for the body postures (Asanas) and movements like the Sun Salutation. It centers attention and calms the nervous system. Hatha Yoga includes meditation guided in short sequences. The session concludes with integration and regeneration in Shavasana.

Flow & Yin

Flowing movements like the Sun Salutation combined with prolonged positions. Strengthening and stretching, flow and stillness, effort and relaxation.

Wednesday Workout

Circuit training for everyone, focusing on strength and endurance.

We train using body weight, practicing coordination and precision. A group workout with music and a concluding cool-down to finish the day feeling strengthened and rejuvenated.

Morning Movement

Movement beyond the mat with diverse music, inspired by yoga, calisthenics, animal moves, and dance. It’s about varied movement and expanding and exploring the body’s possibilities. There’s room for interaction and play, to perceive the body and tune in, for an energetic start into the day.

Yoga oefeningen
Yoga lerares Carina

Your Teacher

Carina studied Sports and Education and wrote her doctoral thesis on the philosophy of performance in trendsports.

Coming from a background in dance and gymnastics, she lived her love for kitesurfing for years as a kitesurfing instructor, when not teaching at the University of Hildesheim’s Sports Institute.

She learned the nearly 4000-year-old tradition of yoga in its birthplace, India, at the foot of the Himalayas. At the Himalayan Yog Ashram, under the guidance of Yogi Ram, she practiced the lifestyle of mindfulness and meditation for a month. Here, she got very close to the culture and philosophy of yoga. For her, yoga is not only about holistic physical training but primarily about accessing inner peace and connection.

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