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You let your kite play with the wind and take you high above the water. Kiting gets your adrenaline flowing. Here your heart beats with passion.

As a Lifestyle campsite, Welgelegen is a popular destination for active water sports enthusiasts to stay while kiting (kite surfing). We are affiliated with the Internationale Kiteboarding Club. This has its own department on the camping site, where the school is located. We are proud of this.

Popular kiteboarding destination

Close to the kite spots on the IJsselmeer

For the students of Kiteboarding Club Hindeloopen, Welgelegen is a perfect place to stay during the Kite Camp course days. Lessons are given at the nearby Kitespots Mirns, Workum, Hindeloopen and Kornwerderzand.

Would you like to spend a day kiting during your holiday to experience it? That too is possible! Professional instructors are available for private lessons.

Kitesurfing in Workum
wingsurfen wingfoilen wingen Workum Ijsselmeer

Kite Camp package

Everything for the ultimate kite holiday

Lifestyle camping Welgelegen takes care of the stay at the campsite for the kiters: with their own camping equipment, hikers’ cabins, attractive Bed and Breakfast rooms, special Gypsywagen and unique wooden VW Buses as sleeping accommodation.

Various kite courses are available. Put together your own package by booking your course with a sleeping accommodation of your choice.

Kite camping Welgelegen

A special experience

Kite surfing and wing foiling are spectacular. If it seems a bit too intense for you, but you would still like to stand on a board, go supping. The sups can also be rented at kiteboarding club. You can take it to Hindeloopen Suppen with a short break at the skating museum where you can easily moor your sup. But also on the IJsselmeer. You can also go supping as an alternative if there is no wind or go wakeboarding.

supping sup boarding

Enjoy the hospitality and the sleeping experience