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    Windsurfing not old school!

    If we look at the water sport of windsurfing over a longer period of time we can see it's been going through a wave line. Its popularity has decreased over the past decade because of a growth in kite surfing. A large portion of windsurfers switched to kite surfing or stopped altogether. The IJsselmeer has always been a desired hotspot for surfers thanks to its shallow and smooth water along the coast from Mirns to Cornwerd.

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    Wave of Growth

    Yet, we notice a new wave of growth in wind surfing. Maybe because it became an Olympic sport. Surfing materials have been through a massive upgrade lately as well, making them a lot lighter and easier to handle. We at Lifestyle campsite Welgelegen revel in this new trend in love for the water sport.

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    Love for the IJsselmeer stays

    Since its founding in 1990, Lifestyle campsite Welgelegen has welcomed many guests who have remained loyal over the years. Throughout that time, we've witnessed many of them switching over to kite surfing. A number of devout windsurfers from back in the day still come to us even today. The IJsselmeer keeps calling once you've given your heart to it.

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    Facilities offering service to water sports people

    Our rental accommodations and facilities are well suited for people practicing water sports or who want to experience outdoor activities during their holiday stay in Friesland. People come here for the delightfully free and relaxed holidays, or spontaneous weekends with favorable winds.

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    Learning to windsurf or rent materials

    Although the Kiteschool on the grounds at Lifestyle campsite Welgelegen don't offer windsurfing lessons, there are many windsurfing schools in the vicinity where you can get windsurfing lessons and/or rent windsurfing materials.
    Welgelegen accommodation is a delightful place for an overnight stay for windsurfers.

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    Extra Freedom

    Lifestyle campsite Welgelegen is not situated directly by the IJsselmeer. At a distance of just 2 kilometers (about one and a quarter mile) you'll find the beach at Hindeloopen. This is a perfect surfing location! You can park by the sea dike in one of the designated parking spots. With all your materials on hand, you just need to cross the dike and you're on the beach. Kite surfers and windsurfers each have their own area, just like the beach-goers who want to enjoy the IJsselmeer in simple play and sunbathing style. It's that flexibility of being able to go to other beaches, where winds may be more favorable, with your own mode of transportation that gives you a lot of extra freedom.

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    Annual windsurf weekend at Welgelegen!

    In this annual weekend, windsurfers from any way the wind blows come together in Friesland, and in favourable winds enjoy the IJsselmeer to the fullest extent. If winds are unfavourable, other options like paddle boarding or canoeing are available as well. It's a sociable get-together where the love of the sport is evident, where you can chill together and where tall tales about windsurfing travels and holidays are told. You can find the date in the events section. Welgelegen brings us all together for the good vibe!

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