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Paddle Boarding

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    Paddle boarding is hot & hip

    Paddle boarding, also known as 'stand up paddle surfing' or 'supping' for short, is done by paddling while standing up on a surfboard. This water sport has recently made its rounds here all the way from Hawaii where people have experienced journeys through its wondrous nature this way for several decades.
    Paddle boarding is a new water sport where you can easily relax, thanks to the closeness to the water and surrounding environments. You'll hear and experience more through all your bodily senses. It's a fun and easy-to-learn sport and is also a complete workout for the entire body. But best of all, you can experience the Frisian scenery from a completely new perspective.

  • suppen,stand up paddle,slowtravel

    Through the canals of picturesque Hindeloopen

    You can ‘Stand up paddle’ on calm waters or on the waves of the North Sea. It naturally takes a bit more balancing skill on the waves, which is why it's easier for beginners to start paddle boarding on the Frisian waterways around Lifestyle campsite Welgelegen.

  • suppen,stand up paddle,slowtravel

    Rent your paddle board with us

    If you don't have a paddle board of your own you can rent one at the Kiteschool on the grounds of Welgelegen. You can also get wetsuits here if the weather is colder. If you've never paddle boarded before you can choose to hire a certified paddle board instructor as well.
    Paddle boarding is also an alternative water sport activity if there's not enough wind for kite surfing, as it helps you practice your balancing skills.

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    Paddle boarding is also an excellent activity during weekend retreats with friends and family

    You can make reservations on paddle boards online with your rental accommodation of choice. State the day you want to paddle board in the booking system when booking a holiday stay of multiple nights.

  • suppen, stand up paddle

    The most popular paddle board tour of choice is the round through Hindeloopen

    It's a short walk from Lifestyle campsite Welgelegen to the Oostervaart (literally: East canal).
    If you follow the Oostervaart (which is part of the Elfstedentocht) you'll arrive in the Elfsteden town of Hindeloopen. This town is crisscrossed with small canals and bridges.

  • pizza

    The ice skating museum is located along one of these canals. You can make a pit stop here and enjoy a delicious pancake or have a refreshing drink. You can then continue your paddle board tour or return to Lifestyle campsite Welgelegen and enjoy the afterglow with a drink or freshly made stone oven pizza in cafeteria Guirlande.

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    Enjoy the afterglow with a freshly made stone oven pizza in cafeteria Guirlande

    Freshly made pizzas are available daily in our cosy cafeteria Guirlande, where you can also play darts, hit the nail, or any of our family board games, or you can come have a friendly chat at the bar.

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    Every Saturday you can come Grill & Chill at the fire next to Guirlande

    Meat and vegetarian options available, comes with salads, baguettes and various condiments. Reservations must be made before noon on Saturday. Price €15,- and includes one drink of your own choice.

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