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  • Lifestyle water sports

    Wind blowing in your hair, water splashing in your face.
    Let your kite play in the wind and take you up high above the water.
    Kite surfing gets the adrenaline pumping.
    It makes your heart beat with passion.

  • watersport kitesurfen

    Lifestyle campsite Welgelegen, popular destination for kite surfers

    As Lifestyle campsite, Welgelegen is a popular destination for active water sports lovers to stay overnight while kite surfing. We're even connected to the international Kite boarding Club, which has its own section on the camping grounds, where they have a school. We're very proud of this.

  • Close to the kite spots on the IJsselmeer

    Welgelegen is the perfect place for students of the Kiteboarding Club Hindeloopen during the Kite Camp course days. Lessons are held at nearby kite spots in Mirns, Workum, Hindeloopen and Cornwerd.
    Want to experience a day of kite surfing during your holidays? That can be arranged! Professional instructors are available on site for private lessons.

  • kiteschool,kiteles,kiteboarden,kitesurfen,ijsselmeer,Friesland

    Kite Camp Arrangement

    Lifestyle campsite Welgelegen makes sure kite surfers have a nice stay on our grounds: with your own camping equipment, or our hiker's cabins, charming Bed & Breakfast rooms, remarkable gypsy wagons and our own unique wooden Volkswagen van-styled huts we offer several sleeping accommodations for your overnight stay.
    Several different kite courses are available. Choose your own holiday package by booking a course and sleeping accommodation of your choice.

  • Volkswagen Bus Hut, most loved sleeping spot

    At Lifestyle campsite Welgelegen our love runs deep for the Hippie Freestyle, which evokes images of old Volkswagen vans, together with the beach, sea, sun, travelling wherever the wind blows. The 'Go with the flow' feeling. Unwinding and disengaging will come naturally to you in all our unique sleeping accommodations!

  • Glamping overnachten logeren Friesland Ijsselmeer

    Check which accommodation is available

    Already know when you want to come spend your outdoor water sports holiday with us? Fill in your desired period in our booking system and you'll see what's available right away. Any booking extras can be entered with every accommodation. We're happy to welcome you!

  • trekkershut,blokhut,cabin,cabin-life,Wanderhütte

    Get one night free (4 = 3)

    If you book your midweek during spring or autumn you'll pay for 3 nights instead of 4!
    - Check-in on Sunday or Monday.
    Discounts are added automatically in the booking system. Not valid in combination with other promotions.
    LOCAL TIP: COME DURING WEEKDAYS - the water is a lot less crowded then (many kite surfers come during the weekend)

  • Bed & Breakfast earlybird kortingtrekkershut,blokhut,cabin,cabin-life,Wanderhütte

    Early Bird Discount

    - 10% discount when booking a full week (7 nights);
    - Check-in on Fridays;
    - Booking needs to be made at least two months in advance;
    - Valid throughout the entire season!

    Discounts are added automatically in the booking system.
    Not valid in combination with other promotions.

  • Bed & Breakfast optioneel te boekenwandelen Hiking,wandern,wandeltocht,fietsen fietstocht

    Fully cared for while experiencing your Kiting holiday

    Choose these extras to unwind even more:
    - Breakfast, per person € 9,95
    - Freshly baked rolls € 0,50 per piece
    - Bed linen, per person, entire stay € 7,50
    - Saturday night Grill & Chill € 15,00 per person, includes one drink. (meat/vegetarian) Reservation must be made before noon on Saturdays.
    - Freshly made stone oven pizza, starts at € 7,50
    - Infrared sauna € 7,50 per person

  • campsite.camping,campinglife,outdoor

    Outdoor Life & Fraternise

    After a day of kite surfing, come enjoy a crackling campfire or relax in Guirlande, our cafeteria. A great moment to share the day's experiences. You can also play darts, cards, Hit the Nail, or a classic board game while enjoying a nice cold beer or glass of fine wine.

  • kiten,kiteschool,kiteles,kiteboarden,kitesurfen,ijsselmeer,friesland

    Kite campsite Welgelegen is an extraordinary experience

    We have a unique location for learning kite surfing. An environment filled with water, from lakes to canals to the IJsselmeer itself, which is known for its shallow waters and thus the ideal learning place for beginners.
    Located on the grass adjacent to the Kiteschool is an instruction field.

  • The shallow waters of the IJssel Lake are beneficial

    The extensive shallow water along the coast of the IJssel Lake, the wind and the wash all make our location the perfect spot for the Kite boarding Club to welcome beginning, advanced and expert kite surfers. A great spot is nearby for every way the wind blows: Hindeloopen, Workum, Mirns or Cornwerd.

  • suppen, stand up paddle

    Wind or no wind, it's always fun in the water

    If winds are unfavourable for kite surfing, there's myriad alternatives to experience the water, such as canoeing, paddle surfing or wake boarding in Sneek. It's lovely spending a sunny day at our natural swimming pool or at one of the splendid beaches by the IJssel Lake. Another superb alternative is renting a dinghy and enjoy the marvelous waterways of Friesland.
    Everything is available to keep that good Vibe alive!

  • Wakeboarding is super fun

    Sneek is home to a wakeboard track, which can be a great training ground on days with unfavorable winds on the IJssel Lake. It's also a great place for kite surfers who are just starting out.

  • Friese paarden op de Workumer veekeuring

    Always fun for the whole family

    The picturesque towns in the vicinity make water rich Friesland a great holiday destination for the whole family. There are many events and activities during the summer where tourists and locals alike can fully experience Frisian culture.Look for activities in Friesland at https://www.friesland.nl/nl/agenda?calendar_range=2018-03-08-2018-03-08&area=&attribute=&search=

  • Faciliteiten foto buitenkeukenwandelen Hiking,wandern,wandeltocht,fietsen fietstocht

    Ease & service for active water sports people

    As Lifestyle campsite we will do our utmost to take care of the needs of people who love the outdoors and water sports.
    The covered outdoor kitchen has an open area for rinsing and drying wetsuits.
    The kitchen itself holds, as an extra service, a four burner gas stove with cookware, a refrigerator, and a washing machine and dryer to give our guests some added comfort during their holiday stay. No need to lug everything around everywhere.

  • buitenleven,uil,camping,friesland,ijsselmeer

    We care deeply for nature at Lifestyle campsite Welgelegen

    Our Easy Be dishwasher supports our vision at Lifestyle campsite Welgelegen to treat nature with respect in our daily lives. As nature lovers we want to make as small an impact on the environment as possible with our consumption habits. Our guests greatly appreciate this vision.

  • Plattegrond

    Turn an active holiday into an experience

    Our small scale Lifestyle campsite makes your stay extra comfortable. The outdoor life with nature in such proximity touches on your inner serenity, which feeds your passion to live fully.
    At Welgelegen you'll step into a bit of Mediterranean tranquillity, not unlike being on an island. Here we reuse materials creatively, which shapes that salty island feeling from its flower power vibes.

  • vakantie,relax,friesland,mediterraan ,hangmat,weekendjeweg,overnachten

    We all come together for the Good Vibe

    You'll find marks of Cobie's worldly travels and adventures in her way of styling, use of colour and service. She brought back her favourite places to visit with her children and created a lifestyle out of it.
    Her love for nature, connection and encounters, together with her passion for outdoor activities can be felt here as a 'Good Vibe'. It speaks volumes that many guests keep returning to Welgelegen year after year: it's like coming home. You're very welcome here...

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