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Kite boarding on the IJssellake

  • Kite boarding is a popular water sport

    Come and kite board with a kiting arrangement in Friesland on the IJsselmeer. Lifestyle campsite Welgelegen is situated close to four beautiful wind surfing and kite boarding spots on the IJsselmeer: Workum, Hindeloopen, Mirns and Cornwerd. You can walk up to a kilometer into the shallow waters and the waves are fairly low. This makes it easy to learn wind surfing and kite boarding. Wind speed, direction and strength can be viewed using the apps Windguru or Windfinder.

  • Assemble your own package

    You can choose your own combination of kite course and sleeping accommodation, with extra options in the booking system. The kite courses booked through lifestyle campsite Welgelegen are subject to availability. You'll receive a confirmation from the Kiteboarding Club. Booking directly is possible (no price difference).

  • Kite boarding for beginners

    Want to learn kite boarding with professional supervision in a friendly group? Kiteboarding Club Holland has a branch on the grounds of Welgelegen since 2009. Their VWDS certified instructors have long since gotten their feet wet and will help you learn the sport from the very basics up during a kiting arrangement to master this ultimate sport where you play with wind, water and body balance.

  • You can choose to take classes in a group as a starting kite boarder in one of our kiting arrangements. You will get group lessons four days in a row, which makes it all a fun and friendly activity. Whether you tag along with a friend, or on your own, you'll soon find a close companionship blooming with your fellow classmates. There's plenty of time to chill and share experiences. You can bask in the afterglow at night by a cosy campfire. Feel free to bring your own guitar to add some extra vibes to the group. You won't feel alone, as you'll make great new worldwide social contacts in no time. Welgelegen brings us all together for the good vibe!

  • Advanced kiting lessons

    Are you an advanced kite boarder, but don't have your own materials? You can rent (or buy) your kite boarding materials at Kiteboarding Club Holland. It's possible to book follow-up courses or hire a certified teacher to teach you new kite boarding tricks.

  • Basic Course Kite Boarding

    The Basic Course in our kiting arrangement consists of 10 hours of lessons, spread over 2 days in a group of 2 to 6 people. The length of the course is dependent on weather conditions. To really master all techniques and moves, we devote much of the second part of the course to practical training. The goal of this course is to enable you to practice on your own without danger by the end of the course. The needed equipment (kite, board, wetsuit, harness) are included in the price.

  • Contents of the Basic Course

    • Introduction to the materials (boards, 4 line delta kites)
    • Assembling and disassembling the kite
    • Safety procedures (land & water)
    • Controlling the kite
    • Basic theory
    • Water start of the kite (Re-launch)
    • Body drag - downwind and upwind
    • Board training - water start
    • First yards sailing downwind
    Price € 235,-

  • Kite Camp: Intensive course spread over 4 days with 16 hours of lessons plus free practice time

    There's no better method of getting beginners on that board than through this Kitecamp. Groups consist of 4 to 8 people who will learn all the basics of kite boarding over a period of 4 days.

  • Every day consists of a practice part and a theory part. The Kitecamp's success lies in the repetition of all covered elements. To really master all techniques and moves, we devote a lot of time to practical training. As soon as you understand everything you learned that day, you can start with the next part of the course.

  • Besides the theory and practical lessons you'll also go onto the water on your own to practice what you've learned and you'll soon find out: in no time at all you'll have the board under control and sail your first yards!
    At the end of the camp you can choose to take a test and get your hands on a licence.
    The course consists of 16 hours of practical and theory lessons, plus free practice time where you can use the kite boarding materials provided by the school without any added costs (also includes harness and wetsuit).

  • Contents Kite Camp

    • Thorough introduction with the materials
    • Kite setup
    • Safety procedures (land & water)
    • Kite control
    • Fundamental theory
    • Water start met kite (re-launch)
    • Body drags – downwind and upwind
    • Water start with board
    • First yards of sailing. . . and maybe more!
    € 350,00

  • Kite week

    Make it a whole week Holiday book a kitecamp. The other days you can fill in yourself discover the area by canoe, longboard, sup, bike or walking. This way you have an active holiday for a whole week and if you book early you will receive a 10% discount on your accommodation (at least 2 months in advance. from Friday till Friday)

  • Refresher Course

    Have you successfully finished the Basic Course but are you still uncertain about going out on the water? Has it been over a year since your last Basic Course or are you unable to make safe water starts? Then the Refresher Course is right up your alley!
    The unique Kiteboarding Club concept: The Refresher Course is split up into two parts.

  • Theory & Practical

    During part A you'll get reacquainted with your theoretical and practical knowledge. You'll practice body dragging techniques, both upwind and downwind, since you need to be able to control your kite in every possible situation. After lessons have ended, you'll keep the materials and practice on your own. During part B you'll work on the water start and sail your first yards.

  • Contents Refresher Course

    - Theory ( water start & sailing)
    - A video analysis of your progress, if you so wish
    - Practice ( waterstart & sailing)
    - Tips & Tricks (sailing and controlling the kite)
    - Supervised free practice time
    (Part A and part B, each with a duration of two and a half hours)
    € 210,00

  • Kiteboarding Club Holland

    Read more about Kiteboardig Club Hindeloopen on their own website. You'll also find extra information about the weather here, such as Windguru and Windfinder.

    Boek direct!
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    Sleeping with your kitefriends

    Do you want to come with a group of friends to kite? Then a holiday cabin for 6 people or a cabin for 4 people is super nice and cheap. If you come together, a wooden Volkswagenvan Hut is a perfect place to sleep.

  • More comfort during your stay

    If you want more convenience, you can opt for a trendy retrocaravan or romantic Pipowagen where your bed has already been put up or a stylishly furnished Bed and Breakfast room in the attractive restored farmhouse.

  • Close to nature with your own camping equipment or one of the rooms in the charming restored farmhouse.

    You are also welcome with your own camping equipment, such as your tent, caravan or camper. With every overnight stay you can book a Fries breakfast buffet and extras in the reservation system.Rooms are lokatet in the atmospheric restored farmhouse.

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    Kiten and Yoga

    Kite and Yoga is a nice combi for a beautiful sport-holiday with a good vibe. More info on the homepage from kitecity international

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