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Group Accommodation

  • Lifestyle groepsaccomodatie

    Welgelegen is the perfect place to enjoy together with friends or family

    Thanks to our broad selection of rental accommodations an overnight stay can be suited to everybody's taste. Our B & B is a better fit for grandparents, for example.

  • kindvriendelijk kindervakantie,holiday with kids,vakantie met kinderen,camping,kamperen

    Let the adventures begin

    It's a great adventure for younger children to stay in their own tent or our Volkswagen Van Hut. The romantic gypsy wagon is a favorite among new couples.

  • campsite.camping,campinglife,outdoor

    Glamping style on our campsite

    Our vacation and hiker's cabins are a great fit for families with young children. The vacation cabin is also perfect for a holiday with a group of friends. Part of the group sleeps in a tent or camper and all cookware and appliances are available in the cabin. There's also some space to seclude yourself from the group for a little bit. Coming together around the campfire for a nice chill night is a favorite pastime for our guests.

  • grillen,chillen,bbq,barbecue

    Broad choice where you want to sleep

    - Everyone in a large group can pick their own accommodation at will, that way there's a choice for every wish and wallet.
    - Everyone has their own place yet you're still all together. This way you have your own space to retreat to if you so wish.
    - There's plenty of space on the grounds to come together.
    - Both indoor and outdoor accommodations, close to nature, always amiable.

  • zwembad,ecologischzwembad,zwemvijvijver,natuurbad

    Natural swimming pool for hours of pleasure

    Our ecological natural swimming pool is a great place to have fun in the water together and the sunny meadow in the old orchard offers space to relax and enjoy each other's company.

  • The orchard is a play paradise for the adventurous player

    The orchard adjacent to the natural swimming pool is also a place to play around or enjoy games together. It's very cosy and the shade offers cool spots on hot summer days.

  • You can custom build your weekend get-away with friends or family to your personal preferences

    All Bed & Breakfast rooms are bookable together, so the whole first floor of the farmhouse is only for you and your group (early booking necessary for availability). This gives you a lot of privacy. Our breakfast buffet can be enjoyed in the dining hall (possibly with other guests staying in outdoor accommodations).

  • serre,buitenleven,veranda

    Rent your own room to get together

    You can rent the breakfast lounge, conservatory and/or courtyard for a period of the day. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.
    This happens regularly for seminars and training sessions by companies in the area.

  • Glamping gastvrouw Cobie benb overnachten

    Let hostess Cobie help you unwind

    As your hostess, Cobie can help you relax by taking care of all your food and drinks. You can enjoy a freshly made stone oven pizza at night or go to the Saturday night Grill & Chill, but she can also provide catering thanks to her relationships with catering companies in the area. Any additional wishes can of course be discussed.

  • suppen,stand up paddle,slowtravel

    Group activities for a weekend with friends or family

    There are plenty of activities to be considered for the enjoyment of the whole group. See below for some inspirational tips:

  • longboarden, boardsport,Friesland,camping,kamperen,

    Long boarding over the bike paths around our Lifestyle campsite

    A mini ramp can be found on the grounds of Welgelegen where you can improve your skateboarding skills. If you want to give long boarding a shot, you can rent these with us, just like bicycles (reservations need to be made prior, in our booking system). Our swimming pool, sandbox and various toys offer plenty entertainment to children while playing outside.

  • kiten,kiteschool,kiteles,kiteboarden,kitesurfen,ijsselmeer,friesland

    Active sports activities

    Besides that, many sports activities are possible:
    Paddle boarding with a group of friends or family will ensure plenty of fun in the water. At Lifestyle campsite Welgelegen we're able to facilitate everything regarding this in cooperation with the Kiteschool on our grounds. A beginner's lesson in kite surfing could be the start of a new sport, held by the Kiteschool. Maybe learning archery in a fun and informative way. For this, we work together with the archery association of Hindeloopen.

  • zeilen op de Friese meeren en natuurlijk het IJselmeer

    Sailing with a group on the Frisian lakes

    Sailing on the Frisian lakes, such as Skûtsjesilen (a skûtsje is an old Frisian type of sailboat; silen is Frisian for 'sailing') with a maximum of 12 people on a skûtsje on such lakes as the Fluessen, Slotermeer, Heegermeer and the Morra lake.
    If you want to sail with larger group, more skûtsjes can be arranged. You can even hold fun little races that way (a guaranteed success)!

  • zeilen op de Friese meeren en natuurlijk het IJselmeer

    Experience the Frisian lakes on a sailing barge

    You can also choose to sail onto the Frisian lakes and actively help out as part of the barge's crew, then dock at an island and enjoy a catered picnic. A sailing barge has a deeper deck and makes a lot of people feel more safe. It's especially a nice choice for people with a fear of water or young children.
    More sailing barges can be rented for larger groups.

  • fierleppen in it heidenskip

    Fierljeppen is a traditional sport

    Fierljeppen (an old Frisian sport where you leap over a waterway with a long pole) in the Heidenskip on the official training ditch is an active outing with a group of friends or family. It's only possible in dry weather to keep the terrain in good condition. A minimum of 10 participants is required.

  • lekker uitwaaien op het strand

    A broad choice in daily activities for groups

    More active options for you to enjoy the Frisian landscape optimally: Solex riding, boating on a dinghy, visiting the cheese maker, going to the ice skating museum and eat some pancakes, visiting the Jopie Huisman museum in Workum or checking out one of the many summer markets in the area.

  • Friese paarden op de Workumer veekeuring

    Soaking up the culture

    The many changing activities around Cultural Capital 2018 will bring a lot of extra experiences in Friesland. You can enjoy a nice, fun shopping spree in the many picturesque towns and barns in the area, take a hike through the woodlands of Gaasterland, or choose from a wide variety of biking tours.

  • wakeboarden in de buurt van sneek

    As long as it's connected to water

    You can wakeboard in the Sneekermeer (Lake of Sneek) and get acquainted in a fun way with kite boarding. Riding School Jansen in Molkwerkum organises regularly holds beach rides to the IJsselmeer.
    There are many 'bad weather' activities and arcades in the area, such as Ballorig (arcade), the Orchideëen Hoeve ('Orchid Farm', a tropical paradise), the swimming pool in Joure, museums, the Eise Eisinga planetarium in Franeker, and much more. There's entertainment, interest and knowledge enrichment for everyone

  • Plattegrond

    A successful stay is in your own hands

    Even though the success of your weekend with friends or family is in your own hands, you'll find a nice starting point at Lifestyle campsite Welgelegen to enjoy and go out and explore rich and beautiful Friesland. We wish you a warm 'WOLKOM'!

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